Our product range engineered to specifically give long term performance & perform well in harsh conditions
Containers are unloaded from the Hanjin Gdynia cargo ship berthed at the Port of Long Beach in Long Beach, California, U.S., on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2016. Bankrupt Hanjin Shipping Co.'s efforts to unload vessels in the U.S. while it goes through bankruptcy in South Korea are meeting with complaints from cargo owners and from the companies that service and equip its fleet. Photographer: Tim Rue/Bloomberg via Getty Images
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

Marine Coating
Of Avantage

Our product marine product is formulated to give excellent high performance and long-term protection to your assets. Good resistance to high heat, sunshine, rain, chemicals, salt water & other outdoor conditions and is especially very good resistance to corrosion and offer protection to the surface from abrasion and impact.

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